"This place is awesome, the cold laser therapy really help at a affordable price."

- Herb L.

"I’ve had nothing but a fantastic experience here. I had been dealing with SEVERE lower back pain for quite some time from a very large disc herniation in my lower back. Pain was shooting down my leg along with numbness and tingling. Things had gotten to the point where I could hardly even bend or get dressed in the morning and the constant pain was really having an impact on my quality of life as I was miserable in pain every single day and taking way too many anti-inflammatories and pain meds. I had tried numerous other approaches with zero success so therefore I was pretty skeptical about any sort of treatment but I was terrified at the prospect of having to have any sort of back surgery. I went in for a consultation and was extremely impressed with the doctor from the get-go. He was thorough, caring, and very knowledgeable and it was quite obvious after he reviewed my MRI with me and explained treatment that he really knew what he was doing, giving me the confidence to proceed with treatment. Long story short…..I finished treatment and am doing great. My pain that was so severe and typically 9/10 every single day is down to 0/10. I no longer have numbness or pain shooting down my leg. My quality of life has been restored and words can’t describe my appreciation. I am forever grateful for what you’ve done for me."

- Shawn K.

"Do you believe in miracles!! Well I do after visiting Dr. Matteo at Peninsula Disc and Nerve center. I suffered from herniated discs in my neck. The pain was shooting down my arms and I could not work or drive. Tried everything form chiropractic care, Physical therapy to high dose pain meds. My last option was surgery. Few weeks before surgery date, I found Dr. Matteo through Facebook Post. Believe me it was THE BEST DECISION EVER. His knowledge and procedure created magic and I was feeling better in first few visits. Thank you, Dr. Matteo, I couldn’t be happier. The night mare is over!!! I am back to work and taking care of my family.

I refer everyone with any disc issue to Dr. Matto. His staff at the reception are exceptional as well. A+ for customer service and understanding patients needs."

- Sandeep B.

"I'm a 54 year old aviation mechanic and had been suffering from severe lower back pain for many years. Nothing I had tried previously had given me any relief. The pain was affecting my ability to work as well as my quality of life. I would wake up every morning with severe pain and even walking to the bathroom after waking up was extremely difficult. My active interests were affected significantly and I wasn't able to participate in the recreational things I love to do. Upon coming here and being evaluated it became evident that I had severe disc issues and degenerative changes in my lower back. I am extremely happy with the way the doctor handled my entire case from initial evaluation all the way through my treatment program. Upon completion of treatment I feel great. I'm currently pain free and no longer taking any medication to control the pain and my quality of life has increased exponentially. I am able to be active again and even back skiing again, aiming to get 40 days of skiing on the mountain this year. I have recommended this treatment to many others who have experienced exceptional results as well."

- Tadao L.

"I discovered Dr. Panebianco by chance, through a FB POST. My back was in a lot of pain, and I found no real solutions from my doctors, only temporary fixes like epidurals or even worse, back surgery.

Dr. Panebianco's Spinal Decompression is worth every penny. Not only did it bring me relief from intense pain, but his all inclusive treatment also teaches you how to maintain a pain free lifestyle, with no drugs or medical procedures. Dr. Panebianco is a true healer and extremely devoted to patients and their recovery.

I highly recommend him and his Spinal Decompression therapy."

- Gretchen P.

"I am a 41 year old active male with chronic degenerative disk disease. I was diagnosed when I was 29 and had major back surgery when I was 30 with a neurosurgeon. The procedure was proven successful, but overtime, my back began to decline, even with preventative maintenance, physical therapy, and all the back gadgets and treatments that I could get my hands on. Back braces, corsets, TENS stim machine, ice packs, heating pad, foam roller, epidurals, etc. I even ordered an upright desk for my job, per Dr. Matteo's request, which helped my back but gave me more leg fatigue at work.

In January of 2016 I began the Decompression treatment with Dr. Matteo to also include back adjustments, cold laser therapy, coupled with the vibration machine and "wobble" chair in his office. Because of my work schedule I was only able to go once or twice a week, averaging 6 visits a month. It began to help after 2 months, but I really noticed a jump in the progression when I was able to squeeze in 2-3 visits every week, averaging 10-12 visits per month. Dr Matteo gave me specific exercises to increase flexibility and core strengthening that was specific to my areas of concern. I was able to go back to swimming for exercise and also made it up to ski in Tahoe last season for an intense day of skiing in fresh powder.

Around the 20th decompression treatment I began to realize that I was taking less and less Ibuprofen and had been almost pain free for over a week. I was able to build on this with more core strengthening and longer exercise sessions. Soon, it had been over 2 months without any severe pain days over a level 5 (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst pain). I have since relocated my job further from San Carlos and only get in for treatments once or twice a month, but stay very active and disciplined on the exercises that Dr. Matteo instructed me on for my level of care. I highly recommend this treatment as the most effective treatment I have done in 14 years of Chiropracters, Physical Therapist, Personal Trainers, Pain Specialist Physicians and Surgeons. I also highly recommend adjustment of your life schedule to get into the office for treatments 3 times a week. Those were the most beneficial weeks during my entire 7 month treatment. Dr. Matteo and his office are always very welcoming and professional and extrememly accomodating on busy work schedules and flexible office hours. I look forward to a continued relationship with them."

- Mark G.


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